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Understanding TPLO Understanding TPLO

It is important to first understand the tplo surgery¬† before you can totally be... 

Prepare Your Home Prepare Your Home

Having your house prepared prior can decrease alot of stress after tplo surgery…  Read More →

The Rehab Protocol The Rehab Protocol

A successful tplo recovery requires a solid plan on your part to help your dog along... 

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Norms & Abnorms Norms & Abnorms

Learn about the most common normal and abnormals after surgery  Read More →

Therapy Modalities Therapy Modalities

From Hot/Cold Therapy, to Massage and Stretching, learn the basic on what you can... 

Strengthening Exercises Strengthening Exercises

Learn so simple and very effective exercises that you can do with your dog after... 


Pain Management for TPLO

Pain management is a topic that we take very seriously at TopDog animal health & rehabilitation. Whether your dog has not had surgery yet or is weeks out in the recovery process, it is important to ask the question…Is my dog in pain? To date there is still a HUGE misunderstanding or inability on the part of both veterinarians and pet owners... [Read more of this review]

Cranial Cruciate Ligament Injury is the same as…

Many pet owners don’t understand that when their veterinarian tells them their dog has ruptured its cranial cruciate ligament, that this is same injury that many human athletes suffer called a torn ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Therefore many times you will see this referred to as the dog acl. Veterinarians call it: cranial cruciate ligament Human... [Read more of this review]

TPLO Update

New news on TPLO  Read More →

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