Therapy Modalities

After your dogs surgery it is important to understand what kinds of exercise and therapy you should be doing with your dog.

Hands down the best thing to do is to seek out an established canine rehabilitation facility. By doing so you can ensure that you will receive the best and most individualized treatment for your dog.

Unfortunately, there are several reasons why people do not go for canine rehab therapy after surgery. Below lists a few of these reasons:

  • Lack of Rehab Facilities: There is currently no facilities available in your area
  • Not Recommended: Therapy was not recommended by the veterinarian
  • Work: Many times people can’t schedule the time
  • Money: Often pet owners financially feel exhausted after the surgery itself

Which ever applies to you it is OK. You don’t need to feel as if you are stranded and unable to provide the “best” for your dog. If possible we still would strongly recommend at least getting an initial evaluation performed by a certified canine rehabilitation expert.

With that being said there is a light at the end of the tunnel and TopDog Rehabilitation is here to provide you with the plan for your dogs recovery.
By downloading our FREE Home Rehabilitation Guide you can learn step-by-step what you can do at home to help your dog recover.

Therapy Modalities You Will Learn:

  • Dog Icing: Learn how to effectively ice your dog after surgery. Icing is so incredibly important but so under utilized when it comes to helping our pets heal after and injury
  • Dog Moist Heat Therapy: Like Icing, moist heat therapy is also completely underutilized.  This incredible simple therapy which you can do at home, promotes increased blood flow to the surgery site therefore promoting increased healing time.
  • Dog Massage: You don’t have to be an expert at massage to effectively soothe and promote healing through the power of touch. In addition this can be an incredible stress reliever for both you and your dog.
  • Dog Passive Range of Motion: This another hallmark of post-surgical recover but for many can be a difficult concept to grasp. Learning how to perform this properly is the key to success.
  • Dog Stretching: We all know how beneficial stretching can be especially after major orthopedic surgery. Learning how to perform this therapy effectively and safely though is extremely important.

Even if you are planning on taking your dog to a canine rehabilitation facility, educating yourself first about what is available and how you can assist in helping  your dog  is the key to a successful and safe recovery.

Download your FREE Home Rehabilitation Guide to get started!

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